SpeedyPC Pro: Cleans ActiveX and Registry Errors


ActiveX is a kind of small program that works with the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer together to enrich the appearance of a website or application. It also make easy to watch and listen the media content for a PC user, but it is limited, since ActiveX control is not supported by many web browser such as safari or Firefox. Unfortunately, unscrupulous types have also taken advantage of the ActiveX technology, that means the component can be re-used by an attacker to run malicious code and gain access to critical files on your PC, and there are so many ActiveX control that turned out to be malicious.

You can configure the ActiveX settings in Internet Explore for greater safety. You must clean ActiveX files, in the case you have uninstall and reinstall ActiveX, or if you have downloaded a corrupt ActiveX, because it can cause to registry errors which directly hamper the performance of PC, and causes problems such as:

  • Unable to open PC application.
  • Taking too much time while booting.


Registry is the repository that stores all information about system hardware and software configuration, system and network settings, and user profiles on your computer and makes entry or adds a key within the registry of every activities of a PC. The useless registry key or value are deleted automatically, but some of them are either left behind or leave a vacant spaces or holes in the registry which cause sudden damage, corruption and fragment in the registry. Therefore, you cannot open an application and keep receiving registry related errors.

You can easily clean ActiveX files from the PC following these below mentioned steps -

  • Run Internet Explorer and then from the menu select "Tools".
  • From the “Tools” select "Downloaded ActiveX Controls" from the drop-down menu under "Manage Add-ons." You will then see a list of installed ActiveX files to Internet Explorer. If you would like to remove any specific ActiveX control, it will be within the list.
  • Select any one of it if you would like to delete and select "Delete" at the bottom of the window. Click "OK."
  • Restart Internet Explorer.

Just like this manual step to remove malicious ActiveX components, there are manual methods to resolve registry errors as well. But that requires alteration with crucial system files that can lead to severe ramifications. In order to avoid this situation, you can use SpeedyPC Pro software to remove registry error also clean ActiveX.

SpeedyPC Pro is a well developed effective software that cleans ActiveX and registry errors utilizing just a few time of yours. SpeedyPC Pro actually cleans the error related to ActiveX and simultaneously fixes the registry errors in one go. It is very easy to use and requires very less space to get installed on your PC. Features of the Software

  • Optimize system performance
  • removes unused files from your system by saving valuable hard disk space
  • Cleans ActiveX and registry errors efficiently
  • Supports several OS platform
  • it has also many security features like full registry backup ,restore point, etc.
  • unlimited free technical support

So, in order to get rid of the above issue just go through the above procedure use SpeedyPC Pro.